Morecambe the home of hit TV show The Bay

If you’re a TV series fanatic (like most of us here at Briggs Morecambe) then you’ll have probably seen, and be gripped to ITV’s new hit drama, The Bay.

Filmed in Morecambe across our picturesque coastline, and beautiful (sometimes sunny) seaside, The Bay really captures Morecambe in all of it’s glory, despite the dark story line.

At Briggs, we’re absolutely beaming with pride that our hometown has made it’s way on to one of the Nations biggest TV channels. We even had the pleasure of watching some of the filming take place. In fact the film crew popped in at one point to say hello and take a couple of cheeky shots. Unfortunately, none of us have made it on to the big screen just yet.

Series Overview

If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s a quick overview…

The drama follows DS Lisa Armstrong who gets assigned to a missing persons case, and of course it’s set in Morecambe. What’s unique about the drama is the working and middle class family setting. As the plot unravels it soon becomes clear that Lisa is personally linked to the case which could compromise both her and the case.

The show’s writer, Daragh Carville, actually lives in the Morecambe Bay area. He said that there’s never been a TV show set in Morecambe, which is what makes the drama different!

The whole production of the show has been beautifully crafted, which we can only hope brings more visitors back to Morecambe, which was once a bustling seaside holiday town!

If you’re planning on visiting Morecambe, and some of the now famous locations filmed in The Bay, we’d of course recommend stopping by at Briggs before enjoying a walk along the prom and our authentic, stony beaches.

At Briggs we welcome every man and his dog (literally, we’re pet friendly) and we offer a range of clothing and footwear from brands such as; Roman, Regatta, Tigi, Reiker, Skechers and Birkenstock.

Ps. The Bay is on every Wednesday at 9pm and there’s a rumour that there’s going to be a second season! Get it on series link!