How to keep your dog cool in the Summer

As most of you know we’re a dog friendly shopping establishment, and we love to meet your furry friends. In fact we’re such a fan of our furry shoppers that we love to find and share advice and tips for dog owners.

Something that we keep seeing cropping up is keeping your dog cool in the warm weather. No matter if your dog is fluffy or sleek, your dogs could benefit with some extra TLC in the Summertime as it’s important that they still stay healthy and active!

As the warmer weather rolls in it’s important that you keep your canine cool, so we’ve done some research and have a few key tips to share with you…

  • Add some ice cubes to the water dish (also if you’re out and about on a hot summer’s day, take a collapsible water dish on your walks. It’s super important to keep your dog hydrated!
  • Make sure there’s access to some shade or offer an ice pack or cool wet towel to lay on. If your dog is feeling extra hot you can try placing the ice bag on your dogs head or behind the neck. Some discount retailers actually sell cooling mats for dogs which are usually a bargain!
  • Circulate cool air, open the windows or use a fan to keep your dog cool.
  • Early morning or evening playtimes and exercise are best. Not only are the temperatures cooler but consider your dogs paws. Walking on hot pavements can often burn your furry friend. Imagine if you were walking on the pavement bare foot, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog!
  • Don’t forget dogs are susceptible to sunburn, particularly those with white ears or noses.
  • Make your dog some homemade frozen treats and ice pops. If your dog isn’t in to the fruity flavours, then try making ice pops with chicken or beef stock, or freeze a couple of their favourite snacks!