Chamber Newsletter for Morecambe BID

Tom Powney, Managing Director of Briggs Shoes has recently written a Chamber Newsletter for Morecambe BID.

To say the business, political and global situation is uncertain is something of an understatement. Global warming, climate change, General Election, Brexit, Trump, Hong Kong, Syria, Putin, Isis…. Major issues in their own right. All of them completely unpredictable. British Steel is now Chinese Steel, Mothercare gone adding to a long list of past high street names and 0.3% growth in the last quarter bringing us to the brink of recession.

However, despite the above there is a small Northern Town which is an Oasis of positivity. A place where house prices are on the rise, hotel occupancy rates are through the roof, empty shops are no longer for sale. A place where visitor numbers are rising in double figures, the streets are cleaner, the flowers are award winning and plentiful, where people stop and chat, smile at passers by and say hello to strangers.

Those of us who have made Morecambe their home get this. That’s we live and operate our business here. We enjoy a lungful of fresh air, beautiful scenery and quality of life. We enjoy the community spirit and supporting a team who rally at the last minute to avoid relegation year after year. Thousands gaze at the BID webcams which broadcast the most stunning coastal sunsets live across the world.

However, the secret is soon to be out. An educational charity has heard of this place and is already starting to embed itself in our communities, in our learning, in our lives. Like us locals, Eden know that Morecambe is special and has been providing a breath of fresh air for those in need of change since Victorian times. They wish to use our town to encourage people to live better lives, to care for our environment, to understand the natural rhythms of the bay and enhance their wellbeing.

Those who just see pound signs don’t yet understand Eden. Yes we will see investment, a health tourism boom, a reinvention of the traditional seaside town. But Eden is also coming to learn from us. From those who turn their back on rat race city environments and salaries to enjoy a wholesome quieter life. From those for whom a daily walk on the prom and a view of the Conistion fells is worth more, far more.