The last 12 months have been very different and challenging for all of us, but now it seems there’s light at the end of the tunnel as we move into the warmer months.  

Springtime is on the way – bringing with it, fresh blooms and representing new beginnings – soft Almond into our new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection of women’s orthotic sandals

Blues have that very calming and serene feeling about them, don’t they?… With the challenges we’ve faced having to work from home and home-schooling, these are exactly what we need right now!

For any of you looking forward to getting back into your old routines of the school run, commuting, and returning to work, or if you’ve adapted into a ‘remote’ way of working, then we have some new comfy work styles for both office and home.

In light of the pandemic, it does feel like we’re starting to come out on the other side now – and let’s face it, the thoughts of getting out again, exploring, traveling, and socializing are all too eager, which is why our new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection of women’s orthotic sandals celebrates this idea of hope, renewal, and prosperity.